Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Homeschool Discounts

Well, it's Thursday. Time for some more how to homeschool information. It's getting close to the time when public schools will be getting back in session. That means school supply sales are approaching. Who doesn't like to save money? Nobody? I thought so. Anyway as homeschoolers we always take advantage of back to school sales on school supplies. You can find crayons, pencils, paper, folders, glue, erasers, scissors, calculators and anything else you might need at really cheap prices. The stores around here (Indy) have got all their supplies out and ready. Stocking up now when it's all plentiful and cheap usually means we don't have to buy any more of it for the whole school year.

In addition to school supply sales, homeschoolers can take advantage of teacher discounts at lots of bookstores and office supply stores. Barnes and Noble, Borders, Staples and lots more offer discounts for teachers including homeschool teachers. You may have to have proof that you are a homeschooler. Here is a great list of places to look for discounts.
We always have fun getting our school stuff for the year. It's even more fun for me when it's discounted. I hope you all have fun getting ready for school too.


  1. We don't homeschool, but our best friends do. I'll be sure to pass this along to her. Thanks!

  2. We do the same! And it is fun to get the stuff you need and let them shop and get a couple things that they LOVE. Fun pencils and such. Now is sure the time to stock up and save!!!