Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gentlemen and Ladies Start Your Engines

This is May and around these parts it is all about the racing. http://www.indy500.com/From the big cheesy grin of Helio to the serious face of Danica, these people are big around Indy this month. I visited the track in my younger days. These days though, hearing about the racing makes me think of summer. We are moving from cool springtime to hot summertime. Everything summer seems to start with the Indy 500.
This month the ferns that come up every spring have grown to about 45" tall.

I started out with 3 little ferns a few years ago and they have turned into a huge monsterish bunch of ferns. Baby birds are everywhere trying to learn to fly before the cats catch up with them.
By race weekend the pools will open up and everyone will be flocking to them to cool off. School will be out and bored kids will be looking for things to do. Here are some ideas.

My kids still like to catch bugs. I am going to try making some bug keepers. Look for them in my etsy shop later this month (hopefully). http://www.naturallycomfy.etsy.com/
I will be busy trying to fill up my shop and keep my kids learning this summer.
So, since we are racing on into summer, I would love to hear what you will be doing this summer.


  1. Nice ferns!! Our grass is green and we actually mowed it yesterday, but nothing else is up yet.

  2. We will be hopefully swimming all summer long! Best of luck to you and your blog!


  3. Love the ferns. I would like to have some around my pool. Lovely blog.

  4. Very nice :-) And your Shop is GREAT too! Let them kids catch bugs for as long as they will. Forever young.

  5. Hi Donna. Thank you for following my blogs. You asked about Watkins products? Soon I'll be linking Kim's Country Kitchen blog to my Watkins websit so check back soon:) I love your ferns and the quilts in your shop are so adorable!

  6. I'll be swimming a little, reading a little, eating hot dogs and creating for my etsy shop. Same as you probably! Just wanted to say your quilts are lovely.