Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mom, Do I Have Any Clean Underwear?!

If this is a familiar question at your house, you are not alone. You would think if you are at home all the time being domestic and homeschooling your kids things would get done. But that is the challenge for a lot of us. Disorganization and a lack of schedule robs us of time.
When we are running around disorganized, we are stressed and then we get even less done. One thing that can help is to prioritize the things we need to do in a day. Write a list of what has to be done and put it in order of importance. It also helps to have a routine or schedule to get things done.
Routines and a good schedule are even more important if you are working at home too. To help unstress and get things done Flylady is the best site for getting yourself in order. It still takes work, but it is an amazing system for getting some peace in your life.
Here are some more helpful tips for WAHMs. http://tinyurl.com/cgvw2p
Armed with some good organization and coping skills you won't have to hear the dreaded "Honey, where are my clean work clothes" at 5:30 AM. (At least maybe not as often)
What have you found most helpful for getting things accomplished at home?


  1. I won't let hubby see this post!! LOL I am not the most organized person, though I do get way more done in a day when he isn't home. Hmmm wonder why?

  2. LOL I agree, getting more done when hubby is in the office. I totally find myself in need of lists, but I never use them! I really have to start using this simple tool to get more accomplished in a day.

  3. Oh, my! I'm so glad I'm not alone in this one! I find that with a family of 5, the best way to stay on top of it all.....is to never stop!!! I wish I was joking.

    My poor dishwasher and washing machine are going all night, everynight. At least I try to save energy by not running them during the day! :0)

  4. So So true!!! Home schooling itself can rob you if you aren't organized!!! I try to do little things everyday to keep the house clean, so it isn't piling up to a HUGE cleaning day. I find a couple minutes spent cleaning SOMETHIING everyday really really helps. Plus I put 1 load of laundry in a day. This helps, except when the day , or 2 come when I don't get 1 in - then forget it!!!
    Great blog - I have you on my favorites on my blog.