Thursday, June 25, 2009

How To Get Started Homeschooling

Today's homeschool how-to post is dealing with daily schedules. You really have to schedule your days for your own convenience. You can't do someone elses schedule. It's an individual thing. It is helpful to look at how other homeschoolers schedule their day and when they teach this or that, but then make your own schedule. For families that are also keeping up with babies and toddlers it can be a challenge. Some homeschooling families wait until baby/toddler naptime to do the subjects that require more time or concentration. Some also put together a special box of toys that the toddler can only play with during lessons for the older child.
Lots of homeschool families do the basics in the morning and then projects in the afternoon. There really are no rules. You can tailor your day to suit you and your kids. You may get a great sounding schedule figured out and start on it but then figure out that it is not going to work after all. That's ok. It might take some tweaking and rearranging to get your schedule working for you. I have given some links below so that you can look at some example schedules. Take some time to look at what others do to get some ideas. For homeschoolers, other homeschoolers are really our best source of information and help because they are doing the same thing. There are lots of homeschool websites and books out there. Next week, I would like to link you to some great homeschool sites for all kinds of homeschool needs. So, check back next Thursday for some great links.
Here are some schedules of what other homeschoolers do. And some helpful things to use for planning.

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