Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Ants Go Marching...

This week has brought an epic battle with ants. They have been coming in all over the house. I have used a product called Terro to kill them off. It works great. But recently discovered in my flower bed that's right in front of the house is an enormous anthill. When you think of ant hills you may think of this.

But the one under my hostas is sci-fi worthy.
All of that under the plant is ant hill.
I didn't want to use the poison outside for fear of poisoning the stray kitties around here. So, I went online to look for natural ant killers. One site that I found said that saccharin was originally used as ant killer. (good thing we are not ants) So, we sprinkled a bunch of SweetNLow around the anthill. Now we are waiting to see if it works. For us homeschoolers this will double as a science experiment. I will update later whether it was successful or not. While looking at the Terro website for this article I see that they have Terro for outside ants. If our science experiment doesn't work I will be looking for that.

This week I have also been able to get a couple of bags finished for my Etsy shop. These rag quilt bags are so cute. My daughter and I both use them. This one is ladybugs which is a favorite of mine.

This little trinket pouch is pretty and feminine. It has a vintage look. I don't know how old the fabric actually is because I got it from my Aunt, but it looks vintage. I love that old fashioned look. I will be adding this one to my shop later today.

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  1. What a great experiment! My girls love to do stuff like that. Here we have mud wasps. If you haven't ever seen them, they are HUGE and burrow in the mud. When they hatch, they are EVERYWHERE!! And the most common way to exterminate is pooring gasoline down their hole. Who wants to poor gas into their soil??? So far they are not at all aggressive, and my husband uses a racket to knock them down. Yes they are that big!! Size of a quarter I'd say. Let us know how you make out!!! Great bags too.