Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raising Teenagers

So, you are raising a teen? It can be a difficult period of time for you as the parent but also for the teen. There is one thing that I have to keep reminding myself. This growing person is still the same person that a few years ago brought me dandelion bouquets and was always yelling "Mom, watch this!" So they are getting older and acting different and sometimes we don't recognise that this is still the same kid.

I also have to remind myself that teens still need their parents. They want to spend time with you. They need your positive influence when there is so much negative everywhere. They may not be playing Barbies or cars and trucks anymore but recreation with parents is important still. They need our time. Some things that come to mind that you could do with your teen are taking a walk/hike, going swimming, seeing a movie, just talking, riding bikes. There are lots of things you could do, but talking and more important, listening are in the top two. A friend and fellow homeschooler has a really cool way of talking with her kids. Of course we need face to face conversation, but sometimes kids have things to say that they may not feel bold enough to say to your face. She has her kids write in a shared journal. They write to her and then she responds. Or she writes to them and they respond. And it goes back and forth that way. That's not to say the entries are always something they wouldn't want to say face to face, but it's just a neat way to communicate on a personal and private level especially if there are other kids in the house. Teens don't always want their siblings in all their business. So for those of you raising teens that is just a tip of the iceberg of information out there. If you need support or help don't assume it's hopeless just do a little searching. It's out there.

Here are some links for great ideas for parenting adolescents.


  1. Great Post! I have 4 kids, two of which are 16 and 17, yikes. I agree communication is key! and I have just got to get them through High School!

  2. We have two teenage boys, 19 & 17. It actually hasn't been that bad, there are always days when you look at them and think "where did he come from?" but for the most part they have been pretty easy, thank goodness!

  3. Mine, so far, haven't been too bad either.