Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Running of the Pitbulls

Last Friday there were a couple of dogs running loose in our neighborhood. One was a huge Great Dane. My kids were nervous about them because they were big. I called animal control but they never could catch them. It turns out the Great Dane belonged to somebody a couple of streets over and they got her back in. But on Monday the other dog was still running around and our neighbor and my son went looking for her owner. No one claims to own her or know where she might be from. The neighbor was going to call animal control, but my kids wanted to try harder to find the owner first, so we have her on a cable in our front yard. We are going to put up some flyers and call some local vets. I think she may have been abandoned. She is a very sweet dog. If we didn't already have a dog we would keep her, but we can't afford another one.
These kinds of dogs are frequently mistreated and it's almost impossible to find them homes. Hopefully we can find someone for her.


  1. She is a nice looking dog. Hopefully you can find a nice home for her. We live in the country and sometimes people will just drop their dogs off somewhere, I guess hoping some farm family will take them in. I figure - if you can't take care of a dog - don't get one!

  2. I love pitbulls - it's so sad people just drop things off like that - especially when they have a pulse! :(